Physiotherapy, Sports Injury and Acupuncture based Bishopbriggs, near Glasgow


A Physiotherapist will identify the problem or the needs of the patient and then address the various issues that are evident. An initial Assessment is extremely important to assist the Physiotherapist to do this and will also help to set agreed goals in terms of any treatment recommended. Appropriate treatments are varied and will include mobilisations, exercises, soft tissue manipulation, ultrasound, taping & acupuncture together with advice, prevention and self management on behalf of the patient.

In terms of what can be treated at the Clinic these include low back pain & sciatica, back/neck and shoulder pain, whiplash disorder, arthritis/joint pain and stiffness, joint replacement, shoulder and Hip Impingements post surgery, shoulder capsulitis/frozen shoulder, cartilage damage, pins & needles/numbness, repetitive strain, postural problems, rotator cuff tears and mobility issues.

Advice, prevention and self management are also key parts of the treatment process and the Physiotherapist at the Clinic will take time to go through this with you during your assessment and treatment.

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